6th Norwich Rainbows - 2019 visit

Bespoke tailored educational programmes & workshops for all ages, looking at wildlife, nature, conservation, ornithology, in particular owls. For any enquiry and to express an interest, please get in touch via our contact form, email info@hootwithme.co.uk, or call us for further information. We would love to hear from you.

For an insight in to the story behind 'Hoot with Me' click on this link to read an article which was recently published in the Eastern Daily Press & East Anglian Daily Times Newspapers for Norfolk & Suffolk


Due to the current climate in 2020 and the unforeseen pandemic, with unprecedented times and social distancing measures in place, we have adapted our educational sessions and now deliver bespoke 'live streaming' lessons, talks and story time via interactive video to individuals, groups, schools, colleges and universities where ever they are in the world.

Whether your class is reading owl babies, studying predators, looking at ornithology, studying animal psychology or physiology, wildlife, conservation, nature, or photography, we will prepare a fun bespoke workshop for you, from a one-off session to 6 weeks, through to a whole term.


If you are a Community Group such as Brownies, Guides, rainbows, Scouts, Beavers, or any other group in the community wanting to know more about wildlife, nature, conservation, ornithology, or particularly owls, or if you are  taking part in a 'Hoot challenge'. We will be happy to prepare a bespoke fun workshop or talk based upon your desired outcome of the visit. 


Individuals of all ages within the community no matter their particular needs, learning ability, or special educational needs, will receive the opportunity to have full inclusion of our bespoke multi-sensory 'Hoot with Me' educational attainment experience.


We are proud to introduce our ‘Insect conservation project’, and our first breeding programme is 'project Woolly bear’, which transforms in to a beautiful Tiger Moth! This beautiful day time moth has declined by a staggering 90% in the past 40 years so we are doing our little bit to help nature thrive and we would like schools and community groups to get involved to become our #woollybearwarriors from Spring 2020! 

The welfare of our owl family, other birds of prey and ALL living feeling creatures that may join us is of paramount importance to us, which means, our aim is purely for Educational & Conservation purposes in a controlled environment, with our owl family and ALL creatures welfare always at the heart of everything we do. All creatures welfare is of paramount importance.


We have some great schools and Community group visits coming up, we attended the 'Countryside Classroom' event at Salle Farm Co in May 2018 where we delivering taster sessions to around 500 children. If you are interested in an online session, visit, presentation, or workshop, for any enquiry, including cost and to express an interest, please get in touch via our contact form, email info@hootwithme.co.uk or call us for further information. We would love to hear from you.

Budding photographer,

Neil Breddy capturing some great photos

 Maisie's surprise visit from Olaf with Lets Do It Anyway Charitable Trust'.

We believe everyone even those with just a little 'wonderment' can be encouraged to feel empowered to nurture all things nature around them, no matter where they live, or the size of their outside space. With this in mind, we create fun learning experiences, to ignite imaginations, to inspire and to encourage students of all ages to connect to nature, wildlife, consider and respect the importance of conservation and also to step in to the predatory world of owls. We do this by delivering fully inclusive fun online educational sessions, lessons within schools, further education and in the community by creating bespoke multi-sensory learning experiences to engage individuals of all ages. 

Owl photographs kindly taken by Kim Breddy,

Neil Breddy & www.bluedogimages.co.uk

subject to copy right© & used under RF License.

If you have a few minutes spare, watch this short video to see why we are doing what we do!

Brownies of 3rd Horsford & St Faiths & Taverham groups taking part in a quiz with 'owl eyes' during their 'Hoot Challenge'

Hoot With Me Community Interest Company

 Lets talk Predators at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

Brownie leaders of 3rd Horsford & St Faiths & Taverham Groups during their 'Hoot charity Challenge' with beautiful Olaf Great Grey Owl & Ghost who joined us of Happisburgh Owls

Sharon & Tonya Countryside Classroom Ludham Primary School 

Beautiful Lizzie meets Olaf


Melissa with a Teacher at

Parkside School, Norwich. 

Tree of wisdom filled

with positive words

about nature & wildlife by Brownies taking part

in a Charity

'Hoot Challenge'