Hoot With Me Community Interest Company

Owl photographs kindly taken by Kim Breddy,

Neil Breddy & www.bluedogimages.co.uk

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Due to the current climate in 2020 and the unforeseen pandemic, with unprecedented times and social distancing measures in place, we have adapted our educational sessions and now deliver bespoke live streaming lessons, talks and story time via interactive video for individuals, groups, preschools, schools, colleges and universities, this includes supporting children and adults learning English as an additional language, where ever they are in the world. 

For any enquiry and to express an interest, please get in touch via our contact form, email info@hootwithme.co.uk, or call us for further information. We would love to hear from you.


We host a weekly fully interactive 'storytime' aimed at primary aged children every Wednesday at 10:30am for 40 minutes. Each week we read a different story themed around nature, wildlife, our environment, or personal empowment, where one of owls also makes an appearance. It is educational and fun, which includes a question and answer session too.

Every session is delivered via Zoom, so if you/your children are interested in joining us, please let us know and we will send you the weekly link.


We work with schools to deliver a one-off, or weekly educational sessions which are bespoke and tailored to meet the need of the age group, curriculum and topic. Again, this is fun and educational and delivered via zoom. With social distancing measures in place, with many children currently being split from the classmates, this is great for the children's morale, as it brings a class together, and it gives them the opportunity to see each other, particularly when some students are at school and some are at home. One of our owls will also make an appearance during each session, which help's to engage the children and the adults love seeing them too! 

Prior to any online sessions, an educational plan will be made and agreed with the Teacher/s and our  'online safety' agreements, must be made available to parents of children taking part, and read and signed to confirm this has been completed by the school. 


Like schools, we work with Colleges, or Universities to deliver a one-off or weekly sessions. Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the group and can be anything from art, nature, wildlife conservation projects, personal empowerment, personal wellbeing, ornithology, particularly owl behaviour and physiology. Againg, we can deliver our online sessions to any college or university, where ever they are in the world.


We have lovely interactive video sessions with individuals, for example,  children or adults who are completing a special nature project, or who have a special interest in conservation, owls, or wildlife. Once again, we aim to encourage individuals to feel empowered, so each session is bespoke and tailored to the specific requirement and desired outcome.  

We previously visited groups of all ages, to deliver talks, craft sessions and nature education sessions. However, as we are unable to currently do this face to face, with an appearance from our owls, we deliver sessions via interactive video, which brings the group together and boost morale, particularly for those that are feeling alone and isolated. 


Again, no matter where you are in the world, we can deliver bespoke sessions tailored to meet your requirements, which also includes supporting children and adults learning English as an additional language to boost learning. Sessions are bespoke, and tailored to meet the need of the individual or group, which means we can help with a number of areas including, observational journals, creating your own dictionary, encourage you to speak English, with particular focus on verbal expression. Also, listening to a second language can give you almost the same benefit as reading it. Again, our underlying focus is nature, wildlife conservation, so one of our owls will also make an appearance during each session, which will create a wonderful subject matter and focus.  

Please note: There is no formal qualification available through 'Hoot With Me Community Interest Company'. All online education sessions are designed to enhance and boost your knowledge, understanding and to encourage everyone to feel personally empowered and to nurture nature. Our sessions are an addition to any formal education the individual  receives, however, it can form part of the curriculum and topic within schools with a tailored plan made with Teachers.  

With online safety of the utmost importance, we have online safeguarding policies in place and online safety agreements for use with young people and people of all ages,  which must be read, understood, agreed and signed prior to any online educational sessions taking place, AND it must be adhered to throughout our sessions. Our online safety policies are also available upon request.