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Gemma Banham 

Melissa Townshend

Neil Breddy, son of Kim is very lucky to have such a great role model for a Mum! Like Kim Breddy, neil is passionate about all animals, birds and wildlife and has followed in her footsteps behind the lense. With his amazing network around him, he continues to overcome adversity and when he is not at College, he enjoys taking photographs. We are very lucky to have some great photographs taken by Neil of our feathered family.

​Neil Breddy 

Gemma Banham

Kim Breddy

Sharon taylor

My name is Gemma Banham, and I support the wonderful Hoot With Me. My background is in outdoor learning, and particularly focused in Early Years education. Seeing the world as an ‘outdoor mum’, and an outdoor educator, emphasises the importance of bringing knowledge and understanding, of all elements of wildlife and nature, particularly to our next generation. More recently I have seen acknowledgement of mental health and wellbeing benefits linked to outdoor learning environments – being as one with nature. I feel I have been extremely fortunate to have experienced my childhood, amongst the beautiful Norfolk countryside. I have grown up around the Norfolk Broads, spending time on the rivers and along our diverse coastline. Born from my childhood experiences, is a deep respect and appreciation for the wildlife I have encountered. I see that through Hoot With Me, there is a need to raise awareness of conservation. Hoot With Me not only provides all ages with the opportunity to explore and learn, but they work to help communities understand natures true value. If I can play a little part in opening someone’s eyes to nature, then I will be truly happy!

Sharon Taylor

Melissa Townshend

My name is Melissa Townshend and I am the proud Mum of three beautiful children and wife to Luke. I work as a Teaching Assistant in Rural Norfolk on a part-time basis and help to deliver some Countryside Classroom lessons for 'Hoot With Me'. I can use makaton sign language and some British Sign Language, which proves very useful during some 'Hoot With Me' visits. I have always been inspired by nature and encourage my children to nurture nature too. We live in the North Norfolk Countryside, we also have an allotment that the childen love to help manage, infact, they have encouraged us to 'Say No To The Mo'! As a family, we love the great outdoors, including camping, and we have even summited Mt Snowdon, which was an amazing effort particularly as my  youngest is only three years old and the eldest is eight years of age.

Kim Breddy works full time and is a fabulous photographer and has a love for all thing wildlife and nature. We are very lucky to have Kim as part of our team, not only does Kim take great photographs for us, she is also an amazing advocate and she gets involved with delivering Countryside Classrooms that we host.  Kim has always lived in rural Norfolk & her particular interest is wildlife photography. 

Kim Breddy 

Neil Breddy

My name is Sharon Taylor. I have loved & appreciated wildlife since I was very young, spending many hours outdoors.
My father is a passionate wildlife photographer and seeing his macro photos showing the incredible detail on the smallest of insects and creatures, it really made me realise there's a wonderful natural world that's alive all around you. Working to educate and inspire people to embrace and nurture nature is vitally important. We are extremely lucky to have an abundance of natural resources and wildlife in Norfolk, which unfortunately isn't so prevalant in the rest of the country.

Children these days know far more digital activities than the natural world around them, but yet are extremely receptive and interested to know about nature when we hold our educational sessions, proving that they want to know but just need the opportunity to learn. That's why the work we do with "Hoot With Me" is so vital. It's our responsibility to nurture nature.

Owl photographs kindly taken by Kim Breddy,

Neil Breddy & www.bluedogimages.co.uk

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