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Our philosophy is to encourage, engage & inspire students through fun Learning experiences in a multi sensory environment,  to discover Wildlife, back yard nature & conservation.

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An Educational 'Not for profit'

Social Enterprise Encouraging students to feel personally empowered

to nurture nature!

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Hoot With Me is a 'not for profit' Community Interest Company Social Enterprise covering Norfolk, Suffolk and surrounding areas. We adore our environment so we deliver fully inclusive fun talks and workshops within Schools, higher education and in the community, to encourage students of all ages to connect with nature, by creating multi-sensory learning experiences to engage individuals of all ages on a discovery of wildlife, backyard nature and conservation, encouraging personal empowerment to nurture nature one insect, one plant, or one tiny seedling at a time!

With the help of our beautiful feathered family and other visitors, always   with complete respect of these beautiful living feeling creatures, our mission is to stop nature disappearing from our children's language and imagination, so we will explore which plants and animals live in our area and how we can all make a difference. With an aim to ignite your imagination to become passionate about connecting with nature and  wildlife and to encourage you to feel excited about being  a nature warrior no matter where you live!

Education is for everyone, which means our visits or 'Hoot with Me Educational workshops' are bespoke & tailored to the age of the participants, from Pre-School Nursery reading 'Owl babies', older students studying predators, higher educational physiology courses & degrees, photography students, Nurture groups of all ages, after school & holiday clubs, to community groups. Each session or programme is tailored to meet the need of the student & with the help of our beautiful owls, has a strong focus on the importance of nature education, conservation in the local community, to wildlife, nature & the environment.

For an insight in to the story behind 'Hoot with Me' click on this link to read an article which was recently published in the Eastern Daily Press & East Anglian Daily Times Newspapers for Norfolk & Suffolk.

WELCOME nature education

Education is for everyone, which means individuals of all ages within the community, no matter their particular needs, learning ability, or special educational needs, will receive the opportunity to have full inclusion of our bespoke educational attainment experience

We have great schools and Community group visits coming up,  If you are interested in a visit, for all further enquiries, please get in touch.

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