Owl photographs kindly taken by Kim Breddy,

Neil Breddy & www.bluedogimages.co.uk

subject to copy right© & used under RF License.

A lovely quick visit to 1ST Old Catton Rainbows tor an 'Owlie Chat'. Here are the girls with their Owl eyes!  

Tonya with gorgeous Olaf at school for Owl Babies

One of our team Kim Breddy all set for our mini workshops at Salle Farm & Co  Countryside Classroom 2018  for 500 Primary School students and Community & Nurture groups who attended from across Norfolk

A few pictures of some of our feathered family

Stunning Female Barn Owl of Happisburgh Owls, named Ghost, joined us for a visit to the Brownies 'Hoot Challenge'.

Budding photographer, Neil Breddy capturing some great photos

Roy was moved to tears when he met Olaf. This was a very special moment and although we do not condone touch, due to Roy's sight impairment he briefly touched Olaf's feathers  & he described it as one of the best experiences of his life; he had thought it would never happen.

Big smiles with Arthur Tawny Owl at Loddon Rainbows in Norfolk

Smiles all round on our visit to 1ST Old Catton Rainbows. In this picture is beautiful Jonny Barn Owl. 


​​Tree of wisdom filled with positive words about nature & wildlife by 31st Norwich Brownies Group taking part in their 'Hoot Challenge' in July 2018

Fun education mini workshop with Loddon Rainbows in Norfolk

Brownies of 3rd Horsford & St Faiths & Taverham groups taking part in a quiz with 'owl eyes' during their 'Hoot Challenge'

 Lets talk Predators at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

The students in Reception Class of Buxton Primary School in Norfolk enjoying some activities during our workshop.

Lets talk Owls with the 1st Old Catton Rainbows. We like everyone to get involved if they want to during our visits.


Hoot With Me Community Interest Company

One of our team, Diane with our gorgeous  male Tawny owl, Arthur. 

 Maisie's surprise visit from Olaf with Lets Do It Anyway Charitable Trust'.